Sunclan Warriors Unite

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Greetings everyone!

Hello and welcome to Sunclan!

We are a formerly prosperous community of roleplayers for the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. Sadly, however, we have grown very inactive as members moved on from the site and had more going on in their lives.

Our former site owner, Dawnstar, relinquished her duties as leader of Sunclan and the website's ownership to our current leader, Miststar. She, however, has also seemingly left the site.

Never fear though, I am still here!


Sunclan Bio

You walk through many trees and forest. You smell the fresh scent of pine and damp fog. The ground below you is covered in ferns and leaves. The trees around you are lush and green with the sun shining through them. You flinched with surprise and look away from the beautiful scene as you hear paw steps in the dirt ahead of you. Four cats step out in the sunlight. One cat, a beautiful grey and white she-cat with sparkling light blue eyes, looks at you strangly. You get ready to run, but she speaks in a calm and welcoming voice. "Welcome to Sunclan territory. I am Miststar, leader of Sunclan. Who are you?" You stand their speechless at Miststar's hospitality and simply state your name. Miststar smiles and leads you to Sunclan's camp.                                                                                         We walk along a brown and wooden fence which seemed to lead on forever. I leaped up onto a large gray rock followed by the others and you. We walked across the rock and jumped down into a leafy area. I lead you into a dark tunnel and on the other side as we padded through was a whole camp filled with dens and warriors. Your welcomed warmly by all and soon you become a strong warrior of Sunclan. Warriors of Sunclan are quick, good-witted and strong in battle. You will learn to defend your clan well and have the warm feeling of clan mates and friends around you.


1. Respect all patrons of this site.

2. No fighting about sensitive topics, such as religion.

3. Listen to the site owner, admins, and moderators.

4. Report any disturbances to site owner, admins, or moderators.

5. Going along with rule one, do not fight or argue. No one wants to feel bad.

6. Try and use correct grammar while roleplaying. Both * and " styles are acceptable.

7. Language is allowed, but please keep it to a minimum or you'll get a warning. 

8. Do not come online as 'anonymous.' Ignore every anonymous person.

9. No detailed mating, or sexual content.

10. No posting link to anything inappropriate. Clean websites are fine.

11. No immediate kills. For example, "Walks over and kills him."

12. Use common sense in roleplay.

13. Do not spam.

14. No powers are allowed, unless the site owner, admins, or moderators make an exception for you.

15. NO IMPERSONATING OTHER MEMBERS. I cannot stress this enough. It has been an issue in the past, and continues to be an issue now. 


Sunclan Territory

Sunclan's forest

 Apprentices den (Leads into a large cave with a back entrance)

 Nursery (Leads into a large open cave with a sun roof)

 Leaders den (High rock on top)

Warriors den (Leads down to a large flat cave, usually shaded by large pines)

 Medicine cat's den (leads into a large cave with a 3 small ponds inside containing glowing water)

 Elders den (Leads down into a small cave with a back entrance too and a small pond inside)

 Training hollow

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