Sunclan Warriors Unite

Talk to you apprentices!


  Moonpaw- Black she-cat that looks like a snow leopard

 Treepaw- big she-cat with grey stripes and blue eyes

  Ravenpaw-a strong build tom who has yellow eyes


Fangpaw  - Black tom with red eyes. loves blood and has the anger and death-requests as Scrouge. Brother to Ashspark, and loves her dearly




 Snowpaw- Snowpaw was born blind, she had to spend at least 2 hours a day trying to learn how to see with her other senses. Because of this birth effect Snowpaw had to wait 2 moons ahead of the regular apprentice ceremony so that she could practice enough. Eventually she could understand where everything was in memory and could hear 3 times better than any cat in Sunclan. Since she is now an apprentice she has to hunt without sight, which isn't a problem because of her other skilled senses. Most people think she isn't going to become a warrior because of her defect but she practices every chance she can get.





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