Sunclan Warriors Unite

Dark Forest

Darkstar- Huge, dark tom with icy blue eyes. He has dark, raven like wings on his back and long, red claws. Darkstar is a cat of almost pure evil and cunning.  He can appear, and disappear at convenience. Darkstar was born to Silverlight and Scourgestar and his brothers were Bronzetooth of Sunclan, and Shadestar(who mysteriously disappeared.) Since Silverlight was a rogue when he was born, he lived with his father in the clans. Darkstar grew into a powerful warrior of loyalty and strength. Something changed that though. He watched his idol, his own father, killed by his mother. It set something wrong in his soul and from that moment, the lust for vengeance coursed through his darkening veins. He plotted to get to the top; become leader. Darkstar started on a murderous path, killing the deputy and warriors he thought were in his way of "success." When he did reach his goal, he plotted to kill his mother. Darkstar fought with her for hours. He knew he had underestimated her. But one his worst qualities was that he couldn't be proved wrong. He didn't believe her when she said his father was evil, and that she had Starclan on her side. He simply wouldn't. Darkstar sliced through his own mother.....but he never knew she had more than one life. She came back, and cut his neck, draining all his shadowed lives with one strike of a skilled paw. Legend has it, that the ground where Darkstar's blood spilled out is still scorched and that he is see through because of the blood loss. And so Darkstar's roll in the real world ended short. But his after-life still awaits him.....

Starclan cats & Loner & Rouges

Spiritmist. May Starclan welcome her warmly and take care of her kits. Spiritmist will be missed by many cats.

 Berrytail-even though he had many bad times in his life and many people disliked him he will be missed by Sunclan. He still was a loyal cat to Sunclan.

 Longear-Longear was a great warrior and is sure to missed by all. he fought well and served the clan greatly!Sunpelt-Suneplt was a great clan mate and mother. Many cats loved her and will greatly miss her.

 Goldenmaple- Goldenmaple was a mother, a mate, a sister, a best friend, and we will always miss her. She will stay in our hearts forever for she was one of the first in Sunclan. 

 Shadderpelt-Though Shadderpelt had stayed with us a short time she earned the name of a warrior in Sunclan and we will greatly miss her. She was loved and now she is with her parents in Starclan, where she always wanted to be.

Snowspirit- She was sweet young she-cat who loved her friends, she died protecting her loved ones and she will be missed, she didnt stay long in sunclan and we hope starclan welcomes her.

Leachkit- Loves her family, her clan and her life. She will always be remembered in the hearts of Monkeytail and Ashspark. He was a true warrior, but died even before apprenticeship. Was killed with a shooting stick.

Falconfeather - Brown-aburn colored tom with amber eyes. He once loved Snowfeather, but later in life, she cheated on him and now he is in Starclan, all alone with no cat he knew. he was a amazing father, mate and son. He was too little to remember who his parents where.



Cryrain- Big black tom with yellow eyes and black jaguar spots.he will be missed alot and was a warrior.(Starclan)



 Garett-Brown tom with green eyes. Very small.


 Sara- Looks like Ashspark but has gray eyes and short gray hair. Likes Garett

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