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  No Roleplaying in here, Just things out of Roleplay.

 in the moonlighIcebeam is a friendly she-cat with a damp light gray and white fur coat. She has very nice green eyes that say toio glow

 Moonflower-a silver-gray tabby she-cat with sparkling blue eyes. She is a great hunter and fighter. Moonflower is 12 moons old and is small but fast. Mate-Darkrain .

Hawkpelt-a muscular brown tom wiht light green eyes.

Flowergrace-a white she-cat with lilac orange spots on her head all the way down to her tail and has light blue eyes.

 Nimblefleet-a reddish colored tom with blue green eyes.

 Fairheart-a black and white tom with sky blue eyes and a fluffy tail.

 Strifespirit-a bronze colored tom with sky blue eyes.


  Illusionstorm-a tall slender dark blue-gray tom with deep blue eyes. Mate-Stormbreeze.


 Snaketail-a dark brown tabby tom with gray eyes

 Dirgeheart- a black tom with strange red eyes. He doesn't talk much but when he does it is usually very important.Ninjashadow-a dark gray she-cat with a white spot on her chest with amber eyes. She is very energetic and always happy! Angelwing-a pure snowy white she-cat with bright green eyes. She is very proud of the way she looks and is constantly grooming herself.Edgeblade-a tall and slender, very light gray tom with soft gray eyes. He has a great confidence in his own abilities and is easily angered but his explosive anger is balanced by his strong sense of justice.


 Roseheart- pure white tom with pretty amber eyes.

 Steelmagnolia- gray she-cat with blue green eyes and a white splotch on her back in the shape of a magnolia.

 Sweettea- a light brown tabby she-cat with beautiful amber eyes.

Bardsong-orange tomwith a light orange tipped tail

Bloodheart- white she-cat red eyes Dragoonjump- Dark grey tom with lighter grey stripes and blue eyes. He is very moody and is easily gets on of troublesome situations, but he is fierce and can attack on command... like a puppy Paladinsoul- A white tom with light grey stripes and sparkling blue eyes, he is very loyal yet a little to soft to some people, he loves heroic stories and has great courage and trust in other cats. amazingly he is very easy to trick T3T

Lionheart- a dark brown tom with icey blue eyes he seems heartless at first but he does care expecialy if he likes someone...

Harespring- a brown tom with brown eyes he loves adventuring and having fun, his best friends are Lionheart and MonkeytailA kit hood incident left him a paralyzing fear of hieghts.

Monkeytail- a blonde tom with blue eys and a long tail which gives him his name, he was raised by raccoons which makes him a very good thief. He is a pure out womanizer...

Ashspark- Long haired gray cat with green eyes

Shadowfang- A tall black tom with blue eyes and his front left paw and leg are white.


 Mitzi- a small siamese she-cat with black paws, ears, and face.


Fireghost- a young orange and white tom with orange-green eyes. He was trained by Shadowfang whom he looks up to.

Moonclaw-  a silver tom with dark gray stripes,and he has neon blue eyes. Mate-Miststar

Darkrain- Dark gray with faded black spots and yellow eyes mate- Moonflower

Snowfeather - Short haired creamy white she cat with ice blue eyes. She likes Lionheart more then any other tom. She wishes to have kits because her old mate died. His name was Falconfeather. They were mates as Kittypets and both earned there names as warriors.Snaketail: A dark brown tabby tom with gray eyes mate: Sweettail

Grasspelt: A tortoiseshell and white she-cat with dark green eyes

 Petalnose: A pure white tabby she-cat with ice-blue eyes mate: darkstorm

Darkstorm: pure black tom with bright amber eyes mate: petalnose

Ivycloud: A light brown she-cat with white patches and dark blue eyes

Daisyfur-She is a loyal she-cat to her clan, and the warrior code. She is brave and sweet and will always defend her clan with her life

Silverwhisper- Silver she-cat with a white chest

 Brightflower- Small white she-cat with blue eyes. Mate- Shadowfang

 Mossfire - A pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with amazing moss-green eyes. Has a crush on Bluestripe.




Silentwind- Silver and light gray tom with cream paws and dark blue eyes has a crush on Firestone


Rosefoot- fluffy-tailed-red-pawed-white she-cat

Hawkface- kind, loyal, outgoing, and brave.He's very tall and skinny, and black and white with one green eye and one blue eye. he has a long scar over his left eye. He's very fast and great at jumping and climbing, but not to strong.


Warfare- Grey tom with a white spot on his forehead. Bright yellow eyes. Has the tendency to fight. 

Darkfury- Black tom with green eyes.  



Shadowedwhisker-  An orange tabby with emerald eyes. She is small but powerful, with a short temper.

Puffinice- A tall black and white tom with blue eyes. He looks almost like a puffin. He is originally a kitty-pet who's owners moved from Iceland, but when he found out he didn't have as much freedom to roam around like he did in his home country he became a rogue and soon joined Sunclan. He has a strong Icelandic accent and sometimes goes in and out of english to icelandic. He is very laid back and doesnt seem to do much, he's not lazy it's just nothing ever happens to him. He's not very sociable unless somecat talks to him, and he can hold great conversations. He loves Sea-salt licorice because he's owners used to feed it to him every once in a while.

 Bloodclaw- A somewhat small tom that wears a dark blue hoodie with duct tape on his legs. He has red eyes and blood stained claws and so is his muzzle. He may often pounce on other cats but refrains from hurting them 97% of the time. Bloodclaw may look scary but he is actually sweet. Mate- Silverspirit




Hailriver is a breathtakingly beautiful, snow-white she-cat.  She has icy blue eyes.  Sometimes, she'll go against the warrior code, but she has her reasons.  She's a skilled warrior and thoughtful, planning things out quickly but thoroughly.  Sometimes she acts quickly, but always tries to do what's best for her Clan.  Very skilled at swimming and stalking/stealth. 


 Stormsun is a stunning golden tabby tom with electrical silver eyes.  He's kind to those close to him and dedicated and loyal to his Clan.  He's very protective and territorial.  His lithe figure makes him a swift runner, but he is also good at leaping high and distances.



Lostheart is a black, brown, and white patterned she-cat--very attractive.  She's compassionate and wants a mate (kind of), but will always be a warrior at heart.  Very amibitious, hopes to at least become deputy someday.  Once trained as a medicine cat, but decided to be a warrior.  She has very long whiskers and is very skilled at tracking and night hunting.




NightFrost is a she-cat. She is a loyal warrior who is a fast runner and swift climber.She will take on any tresspasser in the territory and will defend the clan with everything she has.


Cherryblossom - A sweet little kitty but when you get on her bad side... You don't want to know. She is a ginger cat with white paws and green eyes. She is very cute.



Magicheart - {[Waiting for discription]} 

 Feathernight - Dark tabby she-cat with silver flecks and unnaturally blue eyes.

Ashcloud- Sweet, handsome, kind, strong, brave, etc. Ashcloud likes kits, and has chivalry for sure. The perfect tom. Ashcloud doesn't like making enemies, although he knows it's impossible to be friends with everyone. He has an excellent memory, and an even better sense of direction. This tom rarely gets lost, even in an unknown territory; it's like a sixth sense. 


Thorntail- gray-white colored pelt with black face, ears, paws, and tail. Thorntail was not born into SunClan. She came as a half loner half kittypet. She worked very hard as an apprentice until she became a warrior. She hates it when cats accuse her of her kittypet roots. Thorntail is loyal to SunClan, the friend to many, and will fight deffending her clan until her very last heart beat.


Angelwing- a pure white she-cat with dark brown eyes.Her best friend is Thorntail and she hopes to have a mate and kits soon.She has a soft spot for kits.Both her parent are dead.She is a brilliant hunter and fighter.She loves to swim is a excellent one has ever doubted her loyalty.

Spottedshadow- Grey and white she-cat with green eyes.